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Przemek Salaciński


Fitness coaches
Tomek Beck
I have over twenty years of experience in coaching. I began my adventure with sports in 1995 in a gym in Warsaw called „Herkules”. For six years I trained Viet Vo Dao, which taught me self discipline, independence and gave me confidence. I enjoy working with children and adults alike. I am creative yet demanding when it comes to training sessions. My motto is  "A personal trainer is someone, who says things you do not want to hear and sees things you do not want to see, so that you can become who you always wanted to be”. 
Tomasz Brzózka
Tomasz is the Sport's Manager at Sinnet House of Sports. He is an experienced personal trainer, a European Fitness Championships finalist and an Iron Man competitor. Tomasz holds a sport psychology degree and is the author of “Fitness for Men”. His life life’s credo is “live with passion”.
Ola Chudzyńska
I am passionate about health and balance. I believe that sport is one of the key elements to reaching your life goals. I specialize in training sessions for ladies, where I try to improve the body and the mind in a noninvasive manner. My motto is: “The only person who can truly motivate, inspire and change your life for the better is you”. A mother of twins. 
Ola Ciechalska

in progress

Monika Drzewiecka
Monika is an internationally certified personal trainer. She loves to be active, and eat right. Monika has been involved with sports since early childhood. She was a track athlete and a soccer player. She specializes in body shaping and enjoys helping her clients with their transformations through a healthy, active lifestyle. Her main goal is to make those around her feel that they matter and that they can achieve a lot if they find the inner confidence to try. Monika focuses on the individual because every person is special. She will commit to your goals and help you achieve them.


Mateusz Karol


Karol Kieda
Karol is a University of Physical Education graduate. Sport has always been a part of his life. From 2010 to 2015 Karol has been a successful hammer throw athlete. He later became interested in bodybuilding and decided to try his hand at the sport. He is currently competing in the +182cm beach fitness category. Karol is always positive and brings a lot of energy to his trainings. He is motivated by the progress made by the people he works with.
Agnieszka Kobus


Grzegorz Kosik
Grzegorz has a background in psychology and sociology. He is a Shorin- Ryu KARATE instructor. He teaches all age groups - even preschoolers. In 2010 Grzegorz acheived the 1 DAN KARATE Shorin- Ryu level and is now a 2 DAN and 2 KYU at OKINAWA KOBUDO. Grzegorz hones his skills at seminars taught by Sensei Aleksander Staniszew (8 DAN) and Sensei Kenyu Chinen (9 DAN). In 2013 he took part in a special seminar organized at Okinawa, the birthplace of KARATE.
Marta Kosinska
Marta is a WSKFiT graduate. She is a licensed sports instructor with a specialty in bodybuilding. She has been a fitness and self-defense instructor since 2008. In 2014Marta won a bronze medal at the X Polish National Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships. She especially enjoys combat sports, sailing, horseback riding and fitness. She likes to introduce elements of yoga and pilates into her workouts. Marta also likes to educate herself and has taken part in various workshops and courses. She works with the blind. During her classes Marta stresses the importance of proper technique and makes sure that time spent in the gym is enjoyable for her clients.


Arkadiusz Krygier

In progress.

Magda Krzyżanowska

Magdalena is a Warsaw University of Physical Education graduate. She specializes in fitness, is a certified acrobatics coach and sport manager. Magda has been a professional athlete for many years. She is a former National Champion and a World Champion in acrobatics. She has been a Master Trainer, a coach and presenter at Reebok University Poland. Trainings and certificates: Reebok Flexible Strength, Reebok Final Cuts, Reebok Core Training, Step Reebok Greatest Hits, Pilates, Body Ball, Port De Bras, Jukari Fit To Fly, Jukari Fit To Flex, Functional Training. Recently Magdalena has been co-creating training programs for Pilates, stretching and spine prophylaxis instructors. 

Łukasz Kuźmicki

I am a Warsaw University of Physical Education graduate, a physiotherapist and a masseur. I am a certified bodybuilding, boxing and functional training instructor. Sport is my passion. In my professional athletic career I have competed in track and field and basketball but have been most successful at rugby. This later led to me working as a soft tissue therapist for the Whales Rugby Union’s national team. This experience helped me create a complete rehabilitation workshop. I believe that there are two good moments for a training session: now and right now. 

Konrad Lipiński


Damian Milewski


Maciej Orysiak
Maciek holds a degree in Physical Education and specializes in coaching. He is a personal trainer and a licensed fitness and bodybuilding instructor. He is an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet and supplements. Maciek likes to ride his bike when not in the gym. From a very young age Maciek enjoyed gymnastics and soccer and later became interested in combat sports such as Kickboxing. He enjoys improving the quality of life of his clients by increasing their fitness and wellbeing. His motto is: “Who only counts on his strength has no strength. Who counts on his dreams will become strong”. He continuously keeps learning through courses and workshops.
Konrad Ostrowski
Konrad is a Warsaw University of Physical Education and Collegium Masoviense Health Institute graduate. He is a boxing instructor, a swimming instructor, a WOPR certified lifeguard and a functional training advocate. Konrad is the proud owner of an Israeli Krav Maga Association yellow belt. He is also a KSW ring manager and a technical referee. Konrad is a martial arts expert and a self-defense specialist. He believes that if you decide to do something, you should do it all the way. Half measures are for cowards.
Iwona Pachońska
I have been practicing yoga for 18 years. Step by step, it completely changed my life. It transformed me from a fearful person into a self-assured, cheerful woman. At nearly sixty I am in better shape than I was at twenty. I have taken part in numerous yoga workshops organized by the best teachers in Poland and abroad. I have graduated a three-year teacher’s seminar to reach levels one and two and later two additional seminars to reach levels three and four. I have spent a month at an ashram in India meditating and practicing yoga. At present I am a certified examiner and able to teach future teachers.  
Jolanta Pankowska
My first contact with Yoga took place in 2002. That first session was a great surprise and a great discovery. I found that yoga not only stretches our muscles but it also opens our eyes and our hearts. That realization changed my life. I completed a three-year teachers’ seminar and became Intro II certified in Puna, India at the B K S lynger Yoga Institute. There are many things to say about the various aspects of yoga but what it taught me is to be present and alive. 
Kamil Pilarski
Kamil is a personal trainer, has a pedagogy degree from The Maria Grzegorzewska University and is a Warsaw University of Physical Education graduate. He is a PZPC certified weight lifting instructor and a professional weight lifter. He has been competing for over 12 years. Kamil is also a II degree body building coach, a certified sport manager, a PZPC referee and a snowboarding instructor. Through his experience, Kamil has learned that sport shapes the mind just as much as it sculpts the body. What he finds most satisfying about his job is seeing the positive changes sport makes in the lives of his clients. 
Michał Pluskota
Sport runs in my veins. I have been an athlete throughout my life. I have been working as a personal trainer for the past eight years. I am a functional training advocate and passionate about Crossfit – a discipline I helped to introduce in Poland. I am always up for a challenge. My motto is: “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." - Michael Jordan.
Hubert Rzemek
Hubert was a very active child and every tree had to be climbed. To this day he has a drive to prove that the seemingly impossible can be overcome. It makes no difference whether the task is mental or physical – learning to play the piano or a backflip on a slackline.
Hubi loves working with children. He swears by the rule “let kids be kids” and uses fun and games to engage them in physical activities form a young age.
Hubert also specializes in preparing athletes and amateurs for freestyle snowboarding events. And he loves his tea.


Marek Sadowski
I am a Warsaw University of Physical Education graduate. I work with athletes of various levels from professionals to amateurs. I consult on the training process with a focus on minimizing the risk of injury. I have completed many courses and attended numerous seminars pertaining to functional training, Crossfit, core stability, FMS, kinesiotaping, athletic taping, and massage. I have taken part in conferences about athletic preparation techniques. In my opinion there are three key elements to training: a personalized approach, consistency, and versatility. Being active should also be fun, satisfying and relaxing. 
Julia Śmieszek


Maciej Turski


Tennis coaches
Sasha Balashov
Aleksander (Sasha) Balashov is a I degree tennis coach. He is a former representative of the Belarus and the Soveiet Union in tennis. After graduating from the Minsk University of Physical Education, Sasha relocated to Warsaw where he started to coach. He is patient yet demanding and a perfectionist when it comes to technique. Sasha firmly believes that he can teach anyone to play. In his free time Sasha travels and remains active. He enjoys books, Russian movies and… rock'n'roll.
Aleksandra Buchla
Ola is a former top ranked player in both Poland and Europe.  She has claimed the title of National Champion multiple times in various age categories. Ola has learned form the best in prestigious tennis academies including Sanchez-Casal and Nick Bollettieri. She now studies physiotherapy at the Warsaw University of Physical Education.
Marcin Bukowski
Marcin spent his youth in Spain, where tennis is a national sport. Upon his return, he obtained a degree in Iberian Studies further solidifying his connection to Spain and the country’s joyful, direct and passionate way of life. The Juan Carlos Tennis Academy, a yearly internship in Barcelona and a few years of work in Poland have created a coach you can definitely trust with your tennis progress.
Magda Herszfeld
Magda is a former USA college tennis team player and a certified physiotherapist. She is a National Championships medalist. Being a very dynamic person, Magda enjoys swimming, running and trying new things. From yoga to Crossfit – she enjoys all types of physical activity. Magda will make sure you have a smile on your face throughout your training session and will make you work for every point during a practice match. 
Maciej Kazanowski


Lionel Kemaju
Trainer, ex Davis Cup player.
For over 20 years focusing mainly on raising or training young players that have been within the best in their categories of age in their native countries, within the best in Europe as well in the world ranking.


Karolina Krajewska

Karolina is a tennis instructor who loves to teach children. And the children in turn absolutely love her. She was quite proficient at hitting fuzzy yellow balls in the past - she was the top national junior. Karolina is also a great swimmer and a II degree swimming coach. She is also a great skier and a certified skiing instructor. Karolina is a nice intelligent woman with a lovely smile.


Marek Lubas
Marek is a graduate of the University of Physical Education in Katowice. He holds an MA in teaching with a specialization in tennis instruction. He has worked with Poland’s top junior players. He is a licensed PTR professional and continues his career as a player in the ITF seniors’ category. He is currently ranked nr 1 in Europe and nr 3 in the world.
Gabriel Nowakowski

Gabriel is still pursuing his tennis dreams and is one of the top Polish junior players. He is a National Team Championships gold medalist and has trained under the best coaches in Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Spain. Gabriel is cheerful and full of positive energy but can be demanding when the situation calls for it.  He is always ready to give it his 100%. Gabriel is great with kids as well as adults. 

Oskar Siewinski
Oskar is the third generation of tennis players in his family. He even took his very first steps on a tennis court. During his professional career Oskar played for the AT Promasters Club in Szczecin and now represents the Leon Koźmiński Academy. Oskar is a Polish Tennis Federation licensed tennis instructor. Calm and collected – he can teach anyone to play.


Michał Wargocki

Michał  has been practicing tennis from the age of 6. During his professional career, he won many medals in national tournaments, including the bronze and silver medal of the Polish Team Championship with the Warszawianka club. He also scored points for the international ITF U18 classification. During his studies, he successfully represented the Leon Kozminski Academy. For 5 years, he has been passing the acquired knowledge to players (they won medals in the Polish championship) and amateurs. He trained at Ferrero, Bruguera and ISP academies, where he had the opportunity to train alongside the best players in the world. He pays particular attention to the technique of strikes and tactics of the game.

Swimming coaches
Piotr Barski
Piotr has been swimming ever since he can remember. Training with him is especially effective because he personally tests and modifies all the exercises he uses in his teaching technique. Piotr has a calling for coaching but also still enjoys competition. He has an astounding 26 national records in swimming and has won the National Championships 47 times. Aside from swimming Piotr enjoys Nordic Walking in the Polish mountains. 
Wiesław Dulewicz
I am a Warsaw University of Physical Education graduate, a II degree soccer coach, a swimming instructor, a gymnastics instructor, a bodybuilding instructor, a personal trainer and a certified teacher.  I have worked with every age group - from preschoolers to adult athletes. I have experience with overcoming the fear of water and have a background in helping the handicapped learn how to swim. Water is my element and I can teach anyone to enjoy swimming. I am patient and my mottos are: “Do not just tell someone how special they are, make them feel and believe it” and “I can accept failure but I cannot accept not trying”. 
Kasia Jarzemska
Kasia began her career as a dance instructor 8 years ago. A few years later she entered the world of fitness and she still greatly enjoys coaching group classes. There are two sides to Kasia; one is artistic – she is a dancer and singer, and the second is a bit more serious – she is currently studying to be an engineer.  Her motto is “be the best version of yourself”.


Adam Kuligowski

A swimming coach who loves the water and greatly enjoys his work, adam is always on point with the newest trends in training techniques. He is easy to talk to and knows how to motivate all age groups at all levels of advancement. He especially enjoys open water swimming, which helps him to preparetriathletes for their confrontations with h2o. Adam still takes part in swimming and track and field competitions often with great success. His mottos are: "more does not mean better, better means better!” And "do not fight the water, make friends with it!”

Jakub Maślanko

Triathlon is a passion I like to share with others, show them that you do not necessarily need to be a professional to enjoy competition, help them find the beauty in this great sport. I am a former professional triathlete. I was coached by Cezary Figurski. I graduated the University of Physical Education in Warsaw, where I majored in physiotherapy. What I try to convey in my sessions is that there are no limits. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. With my help there are no mountains you can’t climb.

Bartosz Michalski

Bartosz studies at the University of Physical Education in Warsaw. He is a certified lifeguard, and a swimming and bodybuilding instructor. He had a professional career in swimming and volleyball. Presently he enjoys competing in triathlons. Bartosz works with children and adults. His smile is contagious.

Damian Pietroczuk
Damian is a graduate of AWF Gdansk and AWF Warsaw. He is a certified WOPR lifeguard with 16 years of experience. He has won various swimming competitions on the local and national levels. Damian is a National Championships 50m Freestyle finalist. He has participated in many National Open Water Lifeguard Championships.
Paweł Śmigielski


Włodek Szpakiewicz

After graduating from the Warsaw University of Physical Education, Włodek has worked as a coach at CWKS Legia Warsaw, UKS Meduza Warsaw, UKS GOS Raszyn, and YMCA Newport Beach CA. In his professional athletic career he has won national water polo titles including a National Championship. As a coach he has trained many top contenders for national swimming titles in various age groups. He also works with triathletes and prepares them for World Championship and Ironman races. His certified skills include: water polo coach, sailing instructor, and waterskiing instructor. “Let’s swim like Olympic champions without the need to compete”.

Łukasz Urbański

I am a WOPR lifeguard, a swimming instructor, and PADI and OWD certified diver. I am an easygoing, happy guy who enjoys working with people and having a good time. I like to challenge myself. My interests include sports, motor sports and movies.